Chapman Leonard Hybrid III Dolly


Four Way Level Head
Low Camera 90° Plate
12" Camera Riser
Front Board
Standing Board
(2) Wide Side Boards
Short Wide Side Board
Narrow Long Side Bd.
Narrow Short Side Bd.
Running Board Pins 2L, 2M, 2S
(2) Seats
(2) Seat Lock Collars
Seat Offset
Seat Riser
(2) Long Lift Push bars
Steering Column
Boom Handle


  • The Hybrid III Incorporates the Universal Stop Valve System
  • The Hybrid III is Nickel Plated For Less Maintenance
  • The Hybrid III Has A Built-In Automatic Hydraulic Oil Heating System
  • Cam-Lock Chassis Legs
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Interchangeable Wheels for Different Terrain Conditions
  • Enclosed King Pin System
  • Works on Both Straight or Curved Track
  • Variable Camera Head Mount
  • Soft, Hard or Pneumatic Tires Available
  • The Hybrid III incorporates Brakes on Rear Wheels
  • Many Accessories Available


Maximum Camera Mount Height (with Standard 12" Riser) 6 ft. 1 1/4 in. 1.85 m
Maximum Camera Mount Height (without Risers) 5 ft. 1 1/4 in. 1.56 m
Minimum Camera Mount Height 15 1/4 in. 39 cm
Min. Camera Mount Height w/ Hybrid Low Camera 90 Degree Plate 1 in. 3 cm
Vertical Travel 3 ft. 8 in. 1.12 m
*Maximum Payload 500 lb 227 kg
**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit 1,900 lb 862 kg
Maximum Boom Lifts (Fully Charged) 5 Lifts
Chassis Maximum Length (Wheels Fully Extended) 4 ft. 6 in. 1.37 m
Chassis Minimum Length (Wheels Fully Retracted) 3 ft. 10 in. 1.17 m
Minimum Chassis Height for Transportation 18 in. 46 cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs In 27 in. 69 cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 12 Degree Track Position 29 1/2 in. 75 cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 45 Degrees 37 in. 89 cm
Chassis Variable Widths - Legs at 90 Degrees 39 in. 99 cm
Steering Post Height 3 ft. 91 cm
Minimum Turn Radius 3 ft. 1 1/2 in. 95 cm
Accumulator Charging Time (110 A.C. and D.C.) under 60 sec.
Accumulator Charging Time (Hand Pump) 2 1/2 min.
Minimum Door Width Hybrid Can Be Carried 18 in. 46 cm
Carrying Weight 395 lb 179 kg
Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 463 lb 210 kg
Hybrid w/ High Post Kit Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 501 lb 227 kg
*Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm.
**Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.

Dimension Drawings

Chapman Hybrid III Dolly Line Drawings