J.L. Fisher Model 10 Dolly


Standard Level Head
Hand Screw
Low Level Head
Rotating Camera Offset
Camera Offset (10")
Camera Offset (24")
6" Camera Riser
12" Camera Riser
90 Degree Plate
Battery Rack
Beam Step
Push Posts (2)
Carry Handles (2)
Diving Board (left)
Diving Board (right)
Front Boards (2)
Front Board Bridge
High Side Board (left)
High Side Board (right)
Low Side Boards (2)
Seat Assembly (Lg)
Seat Assembly (Sm)
Seat Offset 45
Seat Offset 90
Seat Riser (6")
Dolly Bumper
Front Latch Pins (2)
3/16 Allen Wrench
3/8 Allen Wrench
Power Cord


  • Three easily shifted steering modes (crab, conventional and round)
  • Tight turning radius
  • Mechanically compensated steering for accuracy
  • Self-contained track system for use on Square Track
  • Self-dampening hydraulic system
  • Self-bleeding hydraulic system
  • Charging system accepts 90-240v AC or DC to quickly charge the hydraulic system
  • Self-centering hydraulic control knob or up/down lever with safety lock
  • Manual hydraulic hand pump for use when electrical power is unavailable
  • Lift beam position (cue) indicator
  • Folding controls for transportation and storage
  • Comfortable sliding seats with adjustable height
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Single-lever actuated four-wheel positive locking brake system
  • Multi-Position Level Head with Mitchell mount and four leveling thumb screws
  • Camera battery compartment
  • Cable clips on lift beam for camera and battery cables
  • Eight seat mount locations
  • Removable Push Posts, also used as rear carry handles and manual pump handle
  • Utility hooks on Push Posts
  • Carpeted standing areas
  • 500-pound (226.80 kg) lift capacity
  • Seven lifts per system charge


Max. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT) 62.625 inches(159.068 cm)
Min. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head (SLT) 13.75 inches (34.925 cm)
Min. lift beam elevation with Low Level Head (LHT) 3.125 inches (7.938 cm)
Vertical beam travel 46.875 inches (119.063 cm)
Lift capacity 500 pounds (226.8 kg)
Length 55.5 inches (140.97 cm)
Width 26.5 inches (67.31 cm)
Height (operating) 38.625 inches (98.108 cm)
Height (folded) 25 inches (63.5 cm)
Minimum turn radius (round steering) 22 inches (55.88 cm)
Minimum turn radius (conventional steering) 44 inches (111.76 cm)
Carrying weight 420 pounds (190.51 kg)
Maximum Dolly load capacity 900 pounds (408.23 kg)
Lifts per system charge 7

Dimension Drawings

Fisher Model 10 Dolly Top & Side Views
Fisher Model 10 Dolly Top & Side Views