Aurora LT Remote Head

The Aurora LT Remote Head sets new standards for ease of use, versatility and functionality.


  • Pan/Tilt Speed 120 deg/sec
  • Pan/Tilt speed and damping adjustable via rotary knobs on the control console
  • Pan and Tilt Direction set via switches for direction and neutral
  • Hand wheel or optional joystick/pan and tilt operation
  • Easily set limits and feathering for limits


  • The Aurora takes only minutes to set up as the system uses just one cable between the console and the head.
  • The controls are intuitive and easy to use – minimizing time on set familiarizing yourself with the unit.
  • Cable management is fluid, with large holes in the center of the motors to pass cables through, enabling full 360° moves without the threat of tangling or severing.


  • Although compact and lightweight, the Aurora LT has been designed to take full size camera packages and is easily expanded for larger cameras.
  • It can also be made extremely compact, to get the camera into awkward space ensuring superb flexibility for every shoot.
Aurora Camera Head

Aurora Remote Head Instructions

  1. Once the Head and Control Console are mounted, plug the Short Cable with the Right Angle 7 pin Lemo Connector between the Pan and Tilt (It does not matter which socket the cable is plugged into)
  2. Plug the Long Command Cable into the Control Console marked command on the back. Plug the other end into the Pan or Tilt (It does not matter which socket the cable is plugged into)
  3. Make sure the Power Supply or Battery is plugged in last.
  4. The polarity of this Aurora LT is Pin 1 Negative, (The Arri Standard). Plug the Power Supply or Battery into the back of the Control Console. The Battery must be the same polarity as marked on the back of the Control Console. The system is polarity protected and if the wrong polarity is plugged in, the system will not work. It will not damage the control console or the head.
  5. Flip the Power Switch on the back of the Control Console and the green light on the Control Console will come on to indicate power.
  6. The Aurora LT Remote Camera Head is now ready to use.

Operation and function of the buttons

The Control Console has Speed Control, Direction, Set Limits, Feathering and Damping.

The Speed Control changes the speed that the Pan or Tilt move in relation to the amount of input on the hand wheel. There is separate Speed Controls for both pan and tilt. When the knob is all the way to zero the head will not move.

The Direction Switch has 3 positions. The middle position locks the head. This is for safety if someone needs to work on the camera. Both the pan and tilt can be locked to prevent accidental movement and possible injury. Move the switch through the 2 other positions to change the direction.

There are Set Limit Switches for the Pan and Tilt if a fast move with a precise end position is needed. With the limit set, the hand wheel can keep turning and the head will not move past the set limit. Press the button to set the End Limit and the button will light up. Press the button again and the light will go out and the limit will be erased. One limit can be set in either direction for both the Pan and Tilt. 

The Feathering controls the way the head settles into its limits. With the Feathering turned down the head will come to an abrupt stop. As the Feathering is turned up the end limit will become softer. The Feathering controls the limits on both Pan and Tilt. The feathering is only used when the end limits are on. (It has no effect when limits are not set)

The Damping works on the Hand Wheel to add a slight delay and smooth out the reaction of the Hand Wheel as needed. Damping controls both Pan and Tilt.